Re: Internal-icon

Valery Brasseur writes:
> when using FTP protocol I see  link to URL like : ftp://somewhere/internal-icon/someicon.xbm
> What are they used for, and how to "really" use it :-)  because I seem to have a problem when getting these
> inline image, my browser do a HTLoadAnchor and the lib try to connect to ftp server requesting the icon, which for
> evident reason doesn't stay there !!!
> So : is there a real problem ? what did I missed ?
> Thanks

You should see URLs of the form


The reason for doing this is that as you mention, FTP servers do not normally have icons 
as HTTP servers do for directory listings. Therefore, your application must provide these
icons or it must get them from somewhere.

In HTIcons.c you will find a function called HTStdIconInit() which is called at startup. 
Of course, this function should be in HTInit.c and it will be moved in the next release.
However, the important thing is that you can initialize the set of icons to point to where
you like - remember -it's your application that generates the directory listing in HTML form.
This all happens in HTFTPDir.c

If you like another base for your icons then you can call the HTStdIconInit function with
another prefix.