Re: Authorisation handling...

Valery Brasseur writes:
> I have try to acces a page on a serveur which require authentification (Basic like NCSA).
> I would hope HTLoad return something like HT_NO_ACCES but it return a code -10 with message
> "UNKNOWN RETURN CODE" and construct a stream for www/debug
> Where is the problem ?
What version are you using? In the latest 4.0D the automatic handling of authentication
was taken out as many applications want to handle it differently. Therefore you should
get something like HT_NO_ACCESS (if I recall correctly) in your terminatation handler.
Oh, -10 _is_ actually HT_NO_ACCESS (which you will find in HTUtils.html. The problem 
with "Unknown return code" comes from  HTLoadTerminate() which hasn't been updated. It
doesn't mean anything...