Re: libwww questions

> 	Mac: (when running libapp_3.c example) the connection gets established
> 		fine but when the program tries to extract the HTML file,
> 		I get the following error:
> Error Add... number:  44    Severity: 1 Parameter: `NETWRITE: unknown error'  
>  Where: `NETWRITE'
> 		The program then tried to read the input from stdin.
> 		Is there something that I am doing wrong?
> 		(If you need more info, I'd be glad to provide it for you.)

I am not sure about this one - does anyone have some more experience with this?

> 	Windows: (when running any libapp_x.c eamples) the program terminates
> 			with the following error:
> First-Chance Exception in libapp.exe (USER32.DLL): 0xC000005: Access Violation
> 			I work with VC 2.0.  Also, when trying to do HTLoadAbsolute()
> 			in libapp_3.c, the program exists saying that I am referencing
> 			memory at 0x00000000.  It obviously is trying to read an invalid
> 			memory.  Can you tell me what is going on?

Eric and I have been working on the windows problems and now it seems to work. 
It is all included in the 4.0D release. At least on Win 95, the problem was 
that the asynchronous  windows handle required some different treatment than 
under Win NT. This caused it to crash with a memory fault (it may be the same 
as you describe above).


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