Re: Libwww Ver 4.0D - Dir Browsing problem

Vu Nguyen writes:
> in the process of making the miniserver into a working server, I've =
> noticed a problem with
> directory browsing problem:  the server sends the directory content OK =
> if the directory has few files.  The server stops sending the dir =
> content if the dir has _many_ files.  I have not yet=20
> determined the threshold (how many files is _many_ file) nor the cause =
> of this problem.
> The request for dir browsing ended with HT_LOADED (29999). =20
> Suspecting that it could be caused by some code which I added, I tried =
> taking out all my code  - except the ones that registers HTLoadFile - =
> The problem still persists
> The dir that the server is having problem rendering it is:  =
> WWW/Library/Implementation/
> 		Dump of complete dir - few files

I haven't noticed any problems in the directory module - hmmm - maybe the problem is not in the directory reading at all but the fact that you are sending a big file - do you get WOULD BLOCK when writing the response to the socket? I know there was a problem in one of the versions of the server when this happened but it should be fixed now.

Does this makes sense in your case?


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