Re: How to create my own authorize dialog?

j.o.staurnes@usit.uio.no writes:

> I've read the documentation and source but can not find out how to
> create my own password dialog routine without replace the complete
> HTTP.c file.  Can some one point me to where I should look?
> Ps: I'm using lib version 2.17.

In version 2.17 the only way you can replace the dialog box is by replacing 
the whole HTAlert module. By providing your own HTAlert module with exactly 
the same API then the linker will normally take your version instead of the 
Library version. Another way is ofcourse to simply edit the HTAlert module as 
you like.

However, have you looked at version 4.0? Here you can register any dialog 
boxes you like without override any internal Library modules. I think that 
this is a lot better way of doing it.

You can get the whole 4.0 distribution from



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