Re: PUT on Windows NT

Didier Perrotey writes:
> Hello,
> I use the version 4.0C of the library and I compile it with Visual C++ 2.2.
> I have written a little application which is very similar of the LineMode Bro
> and I notice some problems when I want to save a local file to a remote serve
> After looking into the code of the Library, I have some explanations.
> In the HTLoadFile function for the case FS_NEED_OPEN_FILE, the field sockfd o
> the Net object isn't set because  NO_UNIX_IO is defined.
> After that, the WSAAsyncSelect function inside HTEvent_Register fails because
> the socket is set with an incorrect value.
Hi Didier,

I am happy that you have tried that. I think this is my fault. I am away from
my machine right now but I will try it when I get back. Do you have a fix for it

I think it is very important that we get the PUT  tested out on all platforms.