Re: libwww questions

At 10:40 21/02/96 U, Leo Shuster wrote:
>>As the libapp_3.c is a console application (for windows NT), so
>>if you want to make it work you must compile the DLLs by defining
>	I am pretty sure I did that. I'll try to recompile them, anyway.
>	This, however, raises another question: for a non-Console application,
>	I would have to recompile all the DLLs again?  (It is kind of a pain
>	to do it in MSVC 2.0!)
>	Thanks!
>Leo Shuster

Yes, you should recompile for a non-console app (but I only use the console
I have tested libapp_3 successfully with these DLL's, on NT3.50 with MSVC++2.0
as compiler (using the windows-development enviroronment.), but the 'User
violations' messages do appear in the Output window when debugging (as a sort
of warnings it seems, no crashes). Running the application from the
command-line works well.

You can find a list of all these libwww-mails on libwww
(including NT version) in 'http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-lib/'.
In one of these mails I tried to describe how I got libapp_3 working on
my (NT 3.50) system.

Thijs Ott de Vries