PUT on Windows NT


I use the version 4.0C of the library and I compile it with Visual C++ 2.2.
I have written a little application which is very similar of the LineMode Browser
and I notice some problems when I want to save a local file to a remote server.

After looking into the code of the Library, I have some explanations.
In the HTLoadFile function for the case FS_NEED_OPEN_FILE, the field sockfd of
the Net object isn't set because  NO_UNIX_IO is defined.
After that, the WSAAsyncSelect function inside HTEvent_Register fails because 
the socket is set with an incorrect value.

Perhaps I forgot something in my application !

So I would like to know if someone has build an application on Windows NT that
tests the PUT method of the Library and if it was the case, if this person could give me some informations to solve my problems.  

Thanks in advance,

	D. Perrotey