Libwww Ver 4.0D - Dir Browsing problem

in the process of making the miniserver into a working server, I've noticed a problem with
directory browsing problem:  the server sends the directory content OK if the directory has few files.  The server stops sending the dir content if the dir has _many_ files.  I have not yet 
determined the threshold (how many files is _many_ file) nor the cause of this problem.
The request for dir browsing ended with HT_LOADED (29999).  

Suspecting that it could be caused by some code which I added, I tried taking out all my code  - except the ones that registers HTLoadFile - The problem still persists

The dir that the server is having problem rendering it is:  WWW/Library/Implementation/

		Dump of complete dir - few files

current index is /usr/users/integration.old/html/WWW/Library/</TITLE>
Index of /usr/users/integration.old/html/WWW/Library/</H1><PRE>
Name           Last Modified    Size Description    <HR>
<A HREF="Implementation">Implementation/</A> 15-Feb-96 15:28      - 
<A HREF="README">README</A>          11-Dec-95 23:01     1K 
<A HREF="User">User/</A>           12-Feb-96 15:55      - 
<A HREF="i86pc-sol2">i86pc-sol2/</A>     15-Feb-96 12:44      - 
<HR>4 files

			Dump of an incomplete dir - _many_files

Current index is /usr/users/integration.old/html/WWW/Library/Implementation
Index of /usr/users/integration.old/html/WWW/Library/Implementation</H1><PRE>
Name           Last Modified    Size Description    <HR>
<A HREF="Implementation/HTParse.c">HTParse.c</A>       09-Feb-96 14:57    16K 
HREF="Implementation/HTAccess.c">HTAccess.c</A>      09-Feb-96 14:56    19K 
<A HREF="Implementation/HTProxy.c">HTProxy.c</A>       09-Feb-96 14:57    11K