Re: How did they do that?

>>>>> "VU" == Vu Nguyen <vu@isdnsys.com> writes:

    VU> I might get zapped for posting this, but I cannot think of
    VU> anywhere appropriate (: I was browsing the Net and ran across
    VU> http://www.env.com/tucows/software.html.  I notice that there
    VU> was a marquee the gets scrolled across the Netscape Status
    VU> line, where it usually says xxx% of yyy bytes.  Does anyone
    VU> know how it was done?

If you use the "View -> Document Source" menu option, you'll note that
they are using a JavaScript applet to simulate scrolling of a message.
According to the notes in the comments, the author was also nice enough
to allow anyone to use it -- as long as proper credit is given.

JavaScript, for those who are unfamiliar with it, is an emerging
standard scripting language originally published by Netscape (and
called "LiveScript").  A bunch of software firms have rallied around
it, meaning that it will probably achieve critical mass across lots
of browsers in the near future.  For more info, see Netscape's home page.

Why is it called "JavaScript"?  Well, the original Netscape hype said
that it was "based on" Java.  That is only true in the vaguest sort of
sense (the syntax is pretty similar) -- my personal opinion is that the
name "Java" carries so many positive connotations for it that they
wanted to ride the coattails of Java's popularity.

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