Re: Infinite Loop...

fiorenti@cli.di.unipi.it writes:
> Hi,
>         In the LineMode, Webbot, and ComLine, I try that in some case they
> go into infinite loop. If my local host is named : A.B.C and I try to run
> (examples) :
>         webbot file://D.E.F/     or
>         www    file://D.E.F/     or
>         w3c    file://D.E.F/
>         where A.B.C != D.E.F    ( C-like sintax )
>         that application run infinitely and go into a Segmentation Fault.

I can't reply your problem accessing the local file system. What's the vesion 
number of the Librray you have and do you have a verbose output from any of 
the programs?


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