About Webbot and other.

        I have some doubts about Webbot's behavior and about converters.
        1. If I run the Webbot on local file system ( I don't know what
happen in network... ), I have a Segmentation Fault. Perhaps, does this
error occur in consequence of my system configuration ( Linux 1.3.20, gcc
1.2.7 ) ? I tried to fix this error using gdb, but ..... I failed. Can you
help me ?
        2. When in a request I set up the output format to www/present, and
the request refers to a text/plain content type document, ( if the library
is well configured.. ) some converters turn on to fulfill the request. Now,
when using the HText interface, wherefore aren't the HText_endAppend and
HText_free call, when parsing the document? Perhaps, whether this is a
mistake or there is a particular reason for this behavior. Can you help me ?    

        3. Why doesn't the timeout handler return the right request object ?
When will this error fix up? Can you help me ?


     Giacomo Fiorentini
     Pisa University
     +39 050-544560