Re: libwww Ver 4.0C - When to Remove HTRequest Object?

Vu Nguyen writes:
> When can I remove the HTRequest object which is created by =
> HTRequest_dupInternal()?

Modules in the Library can in some situations create extra request objects that the rest of the Library or the application does not know about. For example, one way of using the POSTWeb mechanism is to pass one request object to the Library and then let the Library take care of the rest. Then the Request  manager will create extra request objects and make sure that they are removed again.

However, in this situation, you are in a part of the library where "normal" apps do not come as you are in the HTTP server protocol module. In this case you are responsible for getting rid of the extra request object.

Normally, it is for the application to get rid of requst objects. The rule is that the application can discard a request object as soon as the request has terminated and the last request terminater handler (which is registered by the app) has been called.


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