Libwww Ver 4.0C - HTTPServ.c - func ParseRequest (HTStream * me)

I've exprienced some problems with libwww Ver 4.0C,

in the HTTPServ.c - func ParseRequest (HTStream * me), the call to 
	HTTPResponse_new(newreq, HTBufWriter_new(newreq->net, YES, 512));
with newreq->net being NULL.  This is set in 
	HTRequest * newreq = me->http->serve = HTRequest_dup(request);

I tried copying the the net object with HTRequest_setNet(newreq, HTRequest_net(request)), this seemed to fix the problem; however, my server stopped serving the request right after the following trace:

HTSimplify.. `file:/usr/users/integration.old/html/WWW/MiniServ/i86pc-sol2/test.html' into
............ `file:/usr/users/integration.old/html/WWW/MiniServ/i86pc-sol2/test.html'
Find Parent. 80865a0 with hash 74 and address `file:/usr/users/integration.old/html/WWW/MiniServ/i86pc-sol2/test.html' created
Buffer...... Created with size 512
StreamStack. Constructing stream stack for message/rfc822 to */*
MIMEParser.. Persistent Connection
MIMEParser.. Unknown `User-Agent: Mozilla/2.0b6a (Win95; I)'
Parsing unknown header `User-Agent: Mozilla/2.0b6a (Win95; I)'
MIMEParser.. Unknown `Host:'
Parsing unknown header `Host:'

It looked as if somehow the the newreq->net object is not registered!

What is being done so different from the previous release that I'm not aware of?  what is the purpose of
making an Internal copy of the request?


Vu Nguyen