Re: functionality of HTEventRequestTerminate

In message <199601261019.CAA07162@wally.cs.washington.edu>, Erik Selberg writes
>"Daniel W Connolly" writes:
>> I suggest the design used in the ILU runtime:
>(which is a mainEventLoop() function and a stopMainEventLoop()
>function, which causes the mainEventLoop() to stop after the current
>Well, as I see it, the HTEvent_Loop can be stopped by either using:
>(1) a library function which sets an internal library variable
>(2) a user function which presumably checks some user variable, and
>    returns true / false
>I'm partial to (2), mostly because I find it cleaner in terms of where
>it comes in the loop (it's intuitive where it's called) and it allows
>for greater flexibility.

The nifty thing about the ILU design is that it allows for
multiple concurrent event loops, I believe.