Re: FW: Server Implementation ONLY - what to exclude from the Common Lib?

Vu Nguyen writes:
> I should have been clearer about the memory and platform.  Right now, =
> the development platform is Solaris; however, the final target will be a =
> PPC403GA (power PC based microcontroller with at most 2M of RAM of which =
> I'm allowed to use about ~300K).  Based on the MiniServ code, the code =
> size is over 2M - I don't know how much it is in term of RAM space

2M includes all debug information so it's hard to say what a stripped version 
would be. Also in this situation, already the mini server has things that you 
probably won't need. However, I am interested in hearing how little you can 
get it down to. This has been a problem while porting the library to windows 
platforms and we may still need some work to get it right!

Again, the Mini server is _not_ functional - it is just an example of one way 
of building a server on top of the library.


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