Re: V4 on WIN32s

Laurent Vinesse writes:
> Hello,
> I use libwww v4 as static lib and vc++2.2 and generate a WIN32 binary. I
> tested the stuff on a 3.11 + WIN32s platform. Here are first remarks.
> 1=B0)I had to set the NO_TIMEZONE flag on. Otherwise, the lib (htwwwstr.c)
> expects some dynamic links which are NOT defined in the WIN32s version of
> mscvrt20.dll (which are the microsoft runtime routines):
> -daylight
> -timezone
> wherehas it is well-defined in the mscvrt20.dll version for NT & 95...
> I do not know how far this could be solved with the mscvrt40.dll, but I
> guess that such calls should be avoided to remain compatible with WIN32s.

What do you suggest for a define to isolate this problem?

> 2=B0)Declaring the protocols as preemptive seem not to be taken into account
> on such platform, so that you should block interaction manually.

You can probably fix this in the HTTCP.c module in the Library where sockets 
are turned blocking/non-blocking.
> 3=B0)Another problem that I encountered is that the "file:" protocol=
>  truncates
> data when trying to load binary files from local storage. This also occurs
> on WIN95.

It may be the CRLF line termination that causes this problem. Have you checked 

Thanks for the input - and remember - patches are _always_ welcome ;-)


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