Re: Making POST (and PUT) requests

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen writes:

> However, the new patch that I mailed earlier today seems to make up for it, so 
> let me explain what exactly you can do:

> - You can PUT or POST a document _from_ either a remote HTTP server or the 
> local file system _to_ a remote HTTP server.

This may not be the right time / place for this, but it looks like
your definition of POST is different than what most of us believe it
to be.

My own, possible naive, belief is that POST is a method wherein a
client sends extra data along with the request after the headers. It's
similar to an e-mail or news posting. This is similar to GET using the
? operator in the URL.

The data that is typically sent is usually some encoded goop following
the key=val&key2=val2 standard. 

The POSTweb stuff you provide, while claiming to be POST, seems to be
more like a multicast PUT. It looks to be designed to do annotation
or, as you say, sending either files or remote documents to a remote

I hope you can see the confusion; it seems that what people want is
the POST ability so that fill-out forms can easily be done. The extra
functionality is great, but I'm not sure that its being used, and I
suspect that the terminology is confusing that people don't understand
exactly what is meant.