functionality of HTEventRequestTerminate

I finally tracked down why my app has been appearing to be so
sluggish... in the 4.0a6 release, we needed to define the function
HTEventRequestTerminate, which would be called when a request was
finished. This function was great, as it could be used to put the
request into some sort of ready Q and then cause the HTEvent_Loop
function to exit.

Unfortunately, there no longer appears to be any way to have the
functionality of this beastie. I had incorrectly assumed that you now
put this function, or another function like it, into the loop using
HTNet_addAfter(). However, if HTEventRequestTerminate returns
non-HT_OK, then it just cancels the string of callbacks. It does
nothing to the actual event loop, which was the desired effect.

I've been digging around in the source, and so far I've been unable to
come up with anything resembling what I need --- which is some
callback / flag / thingy which, upon successfully loading a URL, quits
the HTEvent_Loop. As near as I can see, the various __DoUserCallback
calls will always return HT_OK unless a serious error, such as a
memory outage or something, occur.

Henrik --- any way to do what I want, or is this a bona-fide bug
somewhere? Or functionality that can be added?