Trouble with message/rfc822 parser

I'm still struggling somewhat fruitlessly to hack up an RFC1867 parser
using www-lib.  My latest problem is that a part within a multipart/* message
that has no Content-Type: line seems always to get a Content-Type of
multipart/* and inherit its parent's boundary, which confuses the parser
horribly.  The default for MIME parts is supposed to be

I seem to be able to work around the problem by adding a line

    anchor->content_type = WWW_PLAINTEXT;

before the

    while (ptr < stop) {

in the `parseheader' function in HTMIME.c.  I'm not sure, though, what
the implications might be, since there are obviously a number of other
places that call HTMIME.c.  Is there a better way to handle the

Also, can someone advise me on an appropriate code fragment to launch
the converter?  I'm running in a CGI environment; that is, filedescriptor
zero is a socket to the client, from which I'm supposed to read the form
data, and the environment variable CONTENT_LENGTH contains the number of
bytes of data.  I thought of using HTLoadSocket, but it
doesn't seem to have any way to constrain the
amount of data to read.  Right now, I'm just copying from the socket to
a file, and then using HTLoadAbsolute to open the file with a `file:' URL.
There *must* be a better way.
73 de ke9tv/2, Kevin KENNY   GE Corporate Research & Development
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