Re: Making POST (and PUT) requests

Did your solution require hacking the Library? If so, it seems like it
would have been easier (or at least more consistant with the rest of
the Library) to flesh out the existing postStream stuff so that it

I'm interested though in some more details on what you did.


Erik Selberg writes:
 > >   For the life of me, I can't figure out how to use the 3.0 version of
 > > the Library to POST (or PUT) documents. I can see the kludgey way that
 > ...
 > >   Is the stuff really there but I haven't found it? Is it there in 3.1?
 > > Is it there in 4.0?
 > Ya'know, I'd say that what's needed is some rather obvious tutorials
 > on how to get a web page source and how to deal with fill-in forms, as
 > that seems to be the common thing people want to deal with :)
 > Doing POSTs is pretty much a pain. The way I ended up doing it was
 > setting the various flags, sticking the postData in the
 > request->anchor->document field, creating a PostCallback function
 > which just pushed the document down the stream.
 > Big pain, if ya ask me. ;)
 > -Erik

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