Re: Making POST (and PUT) requests

>   For the life of me, I can't figure out how to use the 3.0 version of
> the Library to POST (or PUT) documents. I can see the kludgey way that

>   Is the stuff really there but I haven't found it? Is it there in 3.1?
> Is it there in 4.0?

Ya'know, I'd say that what's needed is some rather obvious tutorials
on how to get a web page source and how to deal with fill-in forms, as
that seems to be the common thing people want to deal with :)

Doing POSTs is pretty much a pain. The way I ended up doing it was
setting the various flags, sticking the postData in the
request->anchor->document field, creating a PostCallback function
which just pushed the document down the stream.

Big pain, if ya ask me. ;)