Libwww & NT problems - something is working

Thanks, Henrik, for your comments. Today I downloaded the 4.0 version and got
something working on NT (see below), but problems still remain.

> I suggest that you get the latest version from our FTP server. A couple of 
> days ago I uploaded a new distribution file where all the Library modules 
> except a very few initialization routines into DLLs. There are still problems 
> but it should be better.

First, there are now 16 DLL's (there were 12 in 4.0 Alpha 6) that have to be
made in this order:
wwwhtml (! new dll, not in Alpha 6 release, goes before wwwnews)
(a http-link to section that I thought would describe this on the W3 server
is bad).
No errors in making, just some warnings that don't seem too bad
(MSVC++ 2.0 compiler).

I got the libapp_3 program to work, but it needs the _CONSOLE #define in
the Makefile Settings of all DLL's. This #define is not in the makefiles after
unzipping the sources. (Without _CONSOLE libapp_3 crashes because TTYPrint
is the null pointer, in HTSaveLocally()).

Using libapp_3 I can now download a page from our local network using libapp_3,
but outside gives still problems:

Q: Can I simply set a proxy using "set http_proxy=<address>:<port> 
   and then access outside pages as well, or does it need programming ?

> PS: The program does look OK, it's very similar to the example program 
> libapp_3.c in the WWW/Library/Examples directory.
This test program still crashes at the same spot though (HTFWriter_write()
in HTFWrite.c, but this works fine on Sun and SGI, fwrite() crashes).

> The only mail archive I know about is
> 	http://asearch.mccmedia.com/www-lib.html
> do you know of others?
End of november I could access some mailing group via the W3 pages, but 
yesterday I could not find it anymore. Instead I found this mailing group.

Thijs Ott de Vries