Re: Parser in Arena

Jiang Tao writes:

> Arena can display HTML3.0, and it seems that it doesn't have
> a new HTML parser with it (parsehtml.c is for display), how can
> Arena do that?

It does have a new parser! Arena does not use the SHML/HTML/HText interface at 
all in the Library. In libwww version 4.0, you can decide completely to ignore 
these three modules and instead add your own parser to the set of converters. 
When a document of type text/html is fetched then the stream stack will pick 
the new HTML parser and deliver all data to that one.

In the case of Arena, H&kon is using the external parser (HTXParse.c) in the 
Library which delivers all data in one big buffer. This buffer is then used to 
generate a paint stream.

You can see how to register converters at


and there is a default set of converters which can be called by the 
application. This is available in HTInit.c in the Library. You can get 
information about Arena at



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