Specifying a Proxied URL on the CERN Server

We need to use the CERN server to provide a proxy service to the world for
another server behind it running database code.

To achieve this, we need to give the world a URL that will reach through the
proxy cache on the cern server to the backend server.

There are two ways to do this that come to mind:

1. Install redirects on the CERN server that reference the backend host via
the proxy.  Simple and elegant BUT I cant' find anything in the latest specs
to indicate that this is possible.

2. Write a script to convert an external reference on the CERN server into a
proxied get on the backend server.

Absolutely ANY workable suggestions on either of these approaches would be
most gratefully appreciated, especially if it arrived by 13:00 GMT.

We need to make this work by 17:00 GMT so that we can proxy cache some search