TO: R & D/Humidity & moisture problems in Hi-Tech industry

(重要技術資料煩轉研發部門參閱, 謝謝!)

FROM: Taiwan Dry Tech Corp.


Most Hi-Tech industries may have to resolve the following humidity & moisture problems  

  1. Moisture absorption on precision joints (such as IC p’kelectronic parts
  2. waferoptical fiberliquid crystalPC boardquartz......) due to high

    humidity will cause oxidationcrackingvoidbridgerustingpeeling

    etc. which seriously affect manufacturing quality & yield.

  3. Moisture absorption by reagentschemicals standards pure materials
  4. prepreg.....etc. due to high humidity will change the properties & affect

    production or/& inspection.

  5. Optical instrument such as microscopesspectrometersmeasuring gauges
  6. lenses...etc. will be easily out of work due to high humidity

  7. Magnetic tapesdiskslidemicrofilm will deteriorate & accidentally erase

data due to high humidity.


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