I am from Pakistan and i have to agree with Tex. sometimes it can get very fustrating when a site is blocked by the government, host, policies of even the domain registrar without out prior knowledge. I causes the webmaster to go through hell trying to figure out whether the problem might not lie at his end.
There should be some sort of a marker for this sort of a problem. Secondly there should, if possible be a way to find out what the problem is. for example a way a person can determine whether the problem is with the host or the domian registratant.

I countries like ours, its hard to get good service and teh government policies do not help the cause either.

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>From: Tex Texin

>Reply-To: Tex Texin
>To: WWW International
>Subject: http status code for site blocked
>Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 12:06:44 -0500
>I am currently in China trying to access my own site XenCraft and I am
>getting 404 page not found.
>At first I thought my server might be down. I suspect however, that the
>site is blocked for some reason by Chinese government.
>I note that I can also not retrieved the cached image from google.
>This is all speculative for me at the moment, but assuming it is in fact
>blocked, it would be nice to have a status code for this other than page
>not found. For one, it would save me time investigating problems that do
>not exist. For another, I imagine that it must be very frustrating to
>come upon pages with links and if the link doesn't work always wondering
>whether it is worth coming back at another time in case it was server
>down or some other momentary problem rather than a long term issue like
>1) Would proposing a status code for "access denied by local government"
>make sense?
>2) Also, is there a way to look up which sites are blocked by China, or
>more generally by any government?
>(I imagine there are people making investments in promoting sites that
>cannot in fact be accessed.)
>3) Is there a procedure/protocol/process for becoming unblocked?
>I don't want to address the political issues around this. I think it is
>important for the web to distinguish when a page is blocked vs. other
>causes, and for there to be a way to know which pages are blocked.
>(Due to travel I may not be able to reply to messages for a while.)
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