Xin li: Nu chng ti gi th ny lm phin bn v bn khng mun nhn nhng email tng t, xin vui lng lin h 

Ch : 

1. Cc doanh nghip thnh lp trc nm 2000 theo lut cng ty xem chi tit pha di.

2. Chng trnh h tr c bit thnh lp doanh nghip


Thnh lp doanh nghip Bo h s hu cng nghip M s m vch Chng ti...

Cng ty Lut Gia Phm xin gi li cho trn trng ti bn! 

Xin chc bn mt tun lm vic vui v v hiu qu!

Cng ty Lut Gia Phm, mt Cng ty chuyn hot ng trong lnh vc t vn vi i ng lut gia, t vn vin chuyn nghip giu kinh nghim m bo cung cp cho khch hng nhng dch v t vn hon ho v cht lng.

Trong thi gian qua c s tin cy ca Cng ng cc Doanh nghip, chng ti thng xuyn nhn c s y quyn, nhng yu cu t vn v thc hin cc dch v h tr cc doanh nghip trong nhng lnh vc sau:

Vi b dy kinh nghim, tnh chuyn nghip ca cc cn b t vn, chng ti m bo cung cp cc dch v t vn ton din v a ngnh, lun lm tha mn mi yu cu kht khe nht ca khch hng. S gn b ca khch hng vi cc dch v h tr tng th em li thnh cng cho chng ti nh ngy hm nay!

Cc chng trnh h tr c bit nhn dp Tt 2002:

 ( c hiu lc n 31/12/2001).

1. Lut doanh nghip 2000 c hiu lc sau gn hai nm, nh vy cc doanh nghip thnh lp trc nm 2000 theo lut cng ty cn phi thay i iu l cho ph hp vi lut mi, vic khng thay i cho ph hp c th dn ti hu qu xu nht l c quan chc nng c th thu ng k kinh doanh. Hy lin h vi chng ti ngay c bit r hn v vn ny! (Min ph t vn cho 100 khch hng u tin ng k).

2. Gim ti 10% gi dch v t vn cho cc khch hng thnh lp doanh nghip trn gi (ng k kinh doanh, ng k du, ng k thu, ng k m s xut nhp khu).

3. T vn min ph cho doanh nghip cn m s m vch cho cc sn phm, hng ha phc v Tt dng lch 2002 v Tt Nguyn n Nhm Ng.

4. Mt mn qu nh s c gi n bn nu n thm cng ty chng ti vo thi gian ny!

Trn trng

Cng ty Lut Gia Phm

Tel: 84-4-  55 838 55  Fax: 55 809 55
a ch: 240 Ph Quan Nhn, Thanh Xun, H Ni


Scope of business:

-Advisory of procedures and documentation for establishment of enterprises, branch, representative office;
-Registration of stamp, tax code, import- export code ;
-Regitration of scopes of conditional professional, business licenses of profession practising, petroleum and oil , LPG, advisory of designing, etc;
-Registration of indutrial intellectual protection, invention, industrial style, useful solutions, goods trademarks, goods origination names;
-Registration of licensing of code international line codes for commodities.
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