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<DIV><FONT face=3DArial size=3D2>Do you want to check the latest Asia =
headlines from=20
the world's major media?<BR>Or maybe you are looking for the best web =
site for=20
some specific information<BR>about Indonesia, China, Japan or another =
country in=20
Asia?<BR><BR>Try<BR><FONT size=3D5><STRONG>Asia =
<STRONG>a start page for people who follow news and developments=20
in&nbsp;Asia.<BR><BR></STRONG>You will find <EM>news, background, =
forums and plenty of useful<BR>links</EM>, carefully selected by an =
foreign news reporter who made the web site as<BR>the start page he =
would like=20
to use himself in covering this dynamic region for<BR>his newspaper.=20
<BR><BR>Hopefully you will find it useful too!</FONT></DIV>
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