TABLE Using scope, axis and speak-header

This example is taken from CSS2, Section 17: Tables. It has been modified so as to test:

  1. the scope binding defined in HTML 4.01
  2. use of the axis attribute;
  3. the aural style property speak-headers, which, in this document, is set to always, so that the header is spoken before every associated cell. The only other value for speak-headers is once, which is intended to cause the audio renderer to speak the header a single time, before reading the pertinent series of cells.)
  4. the ability of User Agents and/or assistive technology to recognize the :before pseudo-element which should cause a dollar sign ($) to be generated before each TD so defined;
Travel Expense Report
Meals Hotels Transport subtotal
San Jose
25-Aug-97 37.74 112.00 45.00
26-Aug-97 27.28 112.00 45.00
subtotal 65.02 224.00 90.00 379.02
27-Aug-97 96.25 109.00 36.00
28-Aug-97 35.00 109.00 36.00
subtotal 131.25 218.00 72.00 421.25
Totals 196.27 442.00 162.00 800.27

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