Wouldn't be simpler to add some fonts preferences in Amaya as in Safari for instance?

Regards, Pascal.

Le 9 déc. 07 à 00:42, ve3ll@cogeco.ca a écrit :

An ad hoc test on a WinXP using 800x600 rez on a 15 inch screen

Same quick brown fox sentence measured on big 3 and amaya

when type was set for 12 point --->> Amaya was 12% short of the
length that other three measured out as.....

when type was set for 16 pixel ---> Amaya was 8% longer than 
the other three browsers ...

.  12pt/16px gave the same lengths on the big three

Something is wrong here --- don't know which but it sure makes
it hard for the designer ....  -- 
John Russell, VE3LL@COGECO.CA