Inflow Frames:VE3LL@RAC.CA

Inflow frames allow importing external text documents (including html) into a document complete with styling. Allowed attributes include frameborder, height, longdesc, marginheight, marginwidth, scrolling and width.

<iframe id="iframe1" src="dirlist.htm"
        width="450" height="170"></iframe>

NOTE: iframes are not supported in STRICT documents. Replace them with object elements as follows:

<object id="iframe1" data="dirlist.htm" type="text/html"
     width="450" height="170">Warning: dirlist.htm could not be embedded!

The most common use of iframes is to include a newsletter in one or more documents. This isolates changes in the newsletter and allows dynamic update. Another use is providing scrollable tables which never seemed to have been implemented although html has provided a syntax for years ;-[ The method here is to provide the header/footer in the original document and the actual table in the iframe!

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