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Bill Mills (William Wilde)
William Wilde, Bill Mills Production 2003

REC Telephone Network
Copyright 2003 - REC Networks - All Rights Reserved.

 Run by The Guys Below 
 Located in Mar Vista 391-5336 
This line had the best original material.  It was not like Convex, Zzzzzz, or the Machine.
Thanks to "Uncle Jeffy" for sending two 90-minutes cassettes of Fluke Recordings from the master tapes and from the 8-track loops.

Uncle Jeffy, Fluke, Brent, & George, Bruce, Kirk
Back Row: Uncle Jeffy, Fluke (Ed with his dog Cinder), Brent, & George
Front Row: Bruce & Kirk

Newspaper Article, Ed, George & Jeff
Newspaper Article
Thanks to the guys from "The Wrong Number"
saving it all these years and sending me a copy.

These two below I recorded off of the phone
Off The Phone
Real Audio Version 5.0 Logo
Recording #1
Recording #2

These below are from Laura-805.
She sent me an old tape of phone recordings
The Hat Shop
King And His Throne
King Henry The 8th

Below Are Taken From The Master Tapes & 8-Track Loops

Cooking With Martha & Uncle Jeffy / Engineer Frank Recordings
Cooking With Martha Uncle Jeffy & Engineer Frank
Chili Con Carne The Bet
Pineapple Upside-down Cake Knock Knock Joke
An Italian Specialty Fishing
Terrible Trouble

Storytime With Uncle Jeffy & Drama Recordings
Storytime With Uncle Jeffy Drama
The Farmer & Nate Dawson's Creek: Big Jake
Green Peas Steinbrook Billingsly, Private Eye
The Al Bernay Story Last Train To Shanghi

Stu As Guest and Commercial Spoofs
Guest Voice Stu Commercials
Dog Doo Concord Brand
Zackery Some Alpo Brand Dog Food
Late Late Late Show Balpha Ada Markets #1
Bad Breath Jell-O
Gargitan for Women Blue Chip Stamps
Good For Nothing Kid Illness Fane
Dying Of Thirst After The Pepsi Test
Fal Stereo Starkist Tuna
Want A Baby Kitten Worthnothin' Dodge
Stu Taping Jeffy's Voice Molgers Coffee
Overdrawn Balpha Ada Markets #2
Calling Home

Remaining Fluke Recordings
Locked Out Of Car Typical American Kitchen
Johann Sebastian Bach Fluke Money Monster
Moron That Drank Milk Snot Paper Towels
Gameshow Host At Home Interviewing A 108 Year Old Man
Congressman At A Reservation Fluke Editorial: Women's Movement
Woman That Thinks She's A Dog Typical Housewife
Talking Dog KMOO Radio
Missing Patient The Butler
DJ School Bicentennial Briefs
Behind The Scenes: The Joke Inspector News For The Hard Of Hearing
Directory Assistance Antibiotic Woman
No Introduction Coming Attractions At Fluke
Giant Purple Elephant The Vending Machine
Battle Of The Network Extras Celebrity Roast
Sports World Analyzing The Script
7-Up Salesman Dentures
Physical Examination Dirty Joke Request
Most Asked Question On The Line Talk Show
Bar Room Life Eye Missed It News
Luckily Unluckily House Of Relief
Zoologist Sidney Cromwell Poor Manners
Fluke Anthem Watch Repair Shop
Special Report On Pickles Price Of A Chair
A Statue Cucamunga Int'l Airport
Experimental Mice Rabid Lady
Short Recording #1 Knock Knock: Madda
Junk Short Recording #2
Spitting Contest Knock Knock: Banana
Short Recording #3 The Moron Lady
Shooting A Blue Elephant The Moron Raking Leaves
A Hint To Baseball Players Knock Knock: Ring
Sign On The Door Boy In Department Store
Editorial Reply: Pig Latin Kipah
Can You Beat That Mouse And The Martini
Worlds Dumbest Astronauts Fluke Follies
Defective Saw Falling Asleep
Lost Boy & The Old Man Short Recording #4
The Sea And The Falling Rainbow Tape Deck
Fluke Interview Special Chick Hearn: Lakers Tickets
KILL Radio: Al Bernay Intros, Many Voices
KKDJ Promo #2 KKDJ Promo #1
The World Of Fluke

Remaining Recordings, ran out of space......
Fluke Intro's Announcements & Specials
Fluke Intro #1 Changes #1
Fluke Intro #2 Changes #2
Fluke Intro #3 Fluke Identification
Fluke Intro #4 In The Beginning
Fluke Intro #5 Seasons Greetings
Fluke Intro #6
Fluke Intro #7 Holiday Greetings
Fluke Intro #8 Answer Live Night
Fluke Intro #9
Fluke Intro #10 Studio Live Easter Week #1
Fluke Intro #11 Studio Live Easter Week #2
Fluke Intro #12 Response To Answer Live Night
Fluke Intro #13 The Better Sounding Fluke
Fluke Intro #14
Fluke Intro #15
Fluke Intro #16
Fluke Intro #17 100,000th Caller
Fluke Intro #18
Fluke Intro #19 Fluke Special Bulletin
Best of Fluke Intro #1 Best Idea Contest
Best of Fluke Intro #2 A Fluke Representative

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