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Vol. 66 - 28 February 2005

Allan McGowanEditor's note

It’s been snowing here– now I know that many of you in other countries are very used to this, but these days in the South of England snow is unusual and usually unexpected, and although Norway for example – (or those of us who were at the by: Larm Kaiser’s Orchestra gig on the Preikestolen Plateau!) would consider the falls that we have had mere showers, but for our London infrastructure it’s devastating – transport systems close down, road gritters get stuck in their depots, ‘What! Blizzards! They cry – Snow, ice, cold weather in winter! – Why didn’t somebody warn us! -. So it’s good to report that the redoubtable people at Wembley Arena managed a successful opening night with their new temporary venue under the icy and windy conditions. However as I stare out of the window in search of inspiration snow is falling fast, so if these Editor’s Notes terminate suddenly you’ll know that it’s a result of dangerous weather conditions- as opposed to an inability to come up with anything interesting to say!

On a serious note, there have been many recent reports of problems caused by the re-selling of tickets on the Web, of course ticketing both benefits from and is threatened by new technology.. Almost 3,000 listings for tickets for U2 concerts in America and Britain have been offered on eBay for up to $425 (€325) each, several times their face value, Lawyers have had to ‘chase off’ the touts. The upcoming Cream reunion concerts at the Albert Hall suffered similar problems, and the Glastonbury Festival is continually trying to find new ways to make sure that the genuine ticket buyer is able to get a fair deal. The Office of Fair Trading is taking action over this increasingly problematic situation Not only are tickets being sold on at vastly inflated prices, there are cases of duplication, with multiple tickets being created for one seat – the live industry will have to be very wary as it is beginning to see similar threats to its main product – the admission ticket, as the piracy and copying that has so badly affected the record industry.

Many of you will be preparing for this year’s ILMC in just under a fortnight, the ticketing situation is one of the topics that will be addressed in this year’s meeting agenda reported in this News. VIP will be there in force we look forward to meeting with you. Ronni Didriksen, Peter Briggs, Manfred Tari and myself will be there, so please make contact and let us have your input on what we may be able to do to improve the service, or to let us have your company or individual news or opinions on anything relevant to the industry. If you are not attending please keep in touch, we appreciate hearing from you all.
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ILMC Announces Agenda
Allan McGowan
The seventeenth edition of the International Live Music Conference (ILMC 17) will again take place in London at the Royal Garden Hotel from March 11-13.

The Conference differs from other music trade events in terms of its registrations policy. It is not enough to be able to pay the required fee. In order to be able to take part in this comprehensive and international gathering of the concert touring and event business ILMC newcomers have to be invited and recommended by two members of the live industry already known to the Conference organisers, the intention being to maintain a dedicated and focussed business attendance.  

15th Anniversary For Live Music Hall
Manfred Tari - edited by Allan McGowan
The 1500 capacity Live Music Hall, one of Cologne’s leading concert venues based in Cologne-Ehrenfeld celebrates its 15th birthday.

VIP News talked to the owners Micky Pick and Georg Schmitz about the history of the venue, their experiences, and the future outlook for the concert hall. 

Adam Green Sells 13.000 Tickets
Manfred Tari - edited by Allan McGowan
When artists surprise by doing better than ever expected.

VIP News talks to Guenther Linnartz at Karsten Jahnke Agency on the success of the Adam Green tour in Germany. 

SXSW 2005 Presents Bands from Six Continents
Allan McGowan
South by South West began life as an Austin Texas showcase event intended to attract attention to local acts from other US music centers such as Memphis, Nashville and New Orleans. Originally the music featured had a decidedly roots and rock pre-dominance.

Over the nineteen years of its existence it has grown organically to become a truly international event – in fact a World event, in terms of both musical styles and attendants 

Wembley Arena Pavilion – A Unique Venue
Allan McGowan
This is the first time anywhere in the world that a project of this kind has been undertaken – a venue built along the lines of an outdoor festival site but situated indoors.
It is also the first time in the UK that a temporary structure has been built adhering to the building regulations needed for a permanent building.

Despite the myriad challenges faced by the production team, the Pavilion has been completed by a team of 200 meeting the deadline in only 3 months.  

Das Deutsche Dinner At ILMC:
Manfred Tari - edited by Allan McGowan
An impressive line up of various sponsors team up to become hosts for the Sunday Evening Closing Dinner of this years ILMC.

The rumour that grilled German shepherds will be served in barbeque sauce is definitely not true. Nor is the one about Mercedes Benz, Porsche and BMW cars being be given away as prizes in the German tombola, or that Franz Beckenbauer is supposed to be doing a cover version of last years unforgettable Penis Puppetry Show.  

MTV Launches Pan African Channel
Manfred Tari - edited by Allan McGowan
MTV Base is the name of the 100th station launched by MTV Networks for Viacom. For Viacom this station is remarkable in two ways.

First of all it makes Viacom the one and only global player broadcasting throughout all 5 continents , secondly it is the market entry of the company to Africa 


Clear Channel Reports Annual Results for 2004:
Manfred Tari - edited by Allan McGowan
With a turnover result of about $9.4 billion Clear Channel raises revenues in 2004 by about 5% compared to the year before.

Due to changes of accounting standards on the reporting of intangible assets required by the Securities and Exchange Commission, CCU reported a loss of about $4.7 billion in the fourth quarter.

The without special items reported full year profit is $845.8 million , compared to 736 million in 2003. The long term debts which had again been reduced in 2003 rise from formerly $7,065 to 7,379 billion USD.

Within the business segment Live Entertainment the turnover growths about 4% up to 2,75 billion USD.  

Live Music Shares In One View
Manfred Tari
Clear Channel (CCU.NSE.): The share price remain in the cellar. Still performing a little bit better gradually from issue to issue , CCU still is far away from the share price the company once gained. Last VIP News on February 15 we reported $32.09 this time it is 32.75 .

CTS Eventim (EVD.FSE): Another huge step for CTS. This share moves through the roof from 24.50 up to 28.05 Euro!

DEAG (ERM.FSE): DEAG can not follow where CTS is rising. From 2.29 down to 2.08 Euro.

Mean Fiddler (MEF.ISE): The speculative elements of an unknown buyer do not seem to stimulate the share price as might be supposed. With 55.5 Pence reported last time the share price calmed down to 52.50 Pence.

Sanctuary (SGP.ISE): Yet again a little drop. From 42.50 down to 41.50 Pence. 

Lotte Heise Management

Lotte Heise, Denmark’s first lady in stand-up, now offers all of her shows in four languages apart from Danish: Norwegian, French, German and English. Lotte Heise has entertained Danish audiences for over 20 years. Throughout the past ten years she has specialized in performances for a broad variety of cooperations.

Lotte Heise is represented by Lotte Heise Management. She has written 9 books and appears frequently on national television in Denmark. Her personal manager Philip David Dolan Miller can be reached on + 45 86 13 30 03 or by mail at philip@lotteheise.dk



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