Hi Daeho,
24.02.2015, 17:38, "Daeho Kang" <dkang@globalprint.ca>:
My name is Daeho, I’m a Web Developer/Graphic Designer at a marketing company located near Burlignton, Ontario.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too...
I have talked to the Government of Ontario (AODA) few times about WCAG details but everyime when I ask they said they did not really have a specialist to answer/clarify our questions & challenges.
And then they have suggested us to contact you guys (W3C). 
This mailing list where you sent you message is basically a discussion community, where people interested in accessibility discuss relevant topics. There are people who have a question and don't think they know anything about the answer, there are (perhaps) people who have been here for 18 years and think they have all answers, and many people in between those extremes...
We would be much apprecaited if you could let us know whom we can speak to about detailed WCAG guideline.
That depends on the question, but it seems you might have started at a reasonable place.
And is there a person who can confirm whether we have met the WCAG requirement for AA?
There are many people who provide evaluation services. They can test your sites and give their opinion. If you want a thorough test of a specific site for all aspects of WCAG you should probably look at hiring one. 
Or hire a couple and compare results. While most of accessibility isn't very controversial, there are always small points where experts might not agree.
When we run our website at AChecker site, all of our known errors are now fixed but some still shows up as errors no matter what because the system understands the code incorrectly.
If you have one or two very specific questions because you are doing your own evaluation, there are people in this group who will give their expert opinions for free, basically because that helps us all learn and improve accessibility, and also in an attempt to discuss the points on which experts differ to see if we can reduce the level of disagreement.
But you need to frame the questions very precisely, like a bug report for a specific engineer. Something like the above statement isn't really detailed enough for people to provide a useful answer even if they want to. And again, "does my website meet XYZ" might get responses like "it fails point z.y" but people are unlikely to do the complete work of a full evaluation for free…
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