We at BarrierBreak recently released an extension trying to see if we could identify css related accessibility issues (I wrote more about it in a blog post). It’s at a very early alpha right now, and is not complete by any respect, so I would request to group to give more feedback on what all other css related accessibility issues we could possibly try to identify. (feel free to email me directly if you want about the extension instead of the list)

Right now the issues are based on the ones mentioned in the CSS Techniques for WCAG 2.0 document. While making the extension and reading through the aforementioned doc, I realised that some of the rules in the document either don’t make sense in today’s world or are so outdated that I’m not sure it’s worth pointing it out.

Some examples include

There are other such issues too, but listing them all in one email would make it longer than this mail already is.

What I would like is to initiate a discussion on how we could have a modern list of CSS related accessibility techniques (including going over the latest in the css specs) and update the current document which is showing it’s age.

What are your thoughts?
Shwetank Dixit
Head - Accessibility Innovation and Research
BarrierBreak - www.barrierbreak.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shwetank