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John M Slatin wrote:
Hello, everyone.
This is a reminder that on the Thursday call this coming week (28 April) we'll be trying to reach consensus on proposals relating to the following guidelines:
The people working on these issue summaries and proposals need your response, so that they can address concerns raised by the Working Group as well as those listed in Bugzilla.
So please post your responses to the issue summaries as soon as possible (by Sunday evening for 2.4; Monday for 4.2, 1.1, and 1.3).
Starting points:
2.4 Issue summary at
(see also the the responses that have already been posted)
Issue summary and related analyses for 4.2:
1. Guideline 4.2 subgroup report:
2. UAAG Priority 1 Checkpoint summary:
3. Wendy's analysis of Web applications vs. user agents:
4. Wendy's analysis of UAAG Guideline 6:
5. Loretta's analysis of UAAG Guideline 9:
Issues for 1.1
Thinking aloud: definitions, etc.:
Issue summary and proposal for 1.3
1. Issue summary:
2. Action item: rewriting guideline 1.3:



Thanks much for your hard work!




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