WCAG 2.0 Success Criteria for CSS techniques

This document shows WCAG guidelines for the CSS techniques.

CSS Technique Guideline Notes
Controlling fonts, colors, text-size
1.1: Specifying fallback fonts  
1.2: Specifying font characteristics  
1.3: HTML elements to control fonts  
1.4: Specifying colors with numbers not names (deprecated?)  
1.5: Specifying colors  
1.6: Create foreground and background contrast  
1.7: Specify background color if specify foreground color  
1.8: Conveying information through multiple means (not just color)  
1.9: Using relative units of measure for properties that need to change  
1.10: Using absolute units of measure for properties that do not need to be flexible  
1.11: Creating stylized text with CSS rather than using raster images  
1.12: Formatting and positioning of text  
1.13: Text style effects: case, shadow, decoration  
1.14: Creating rules and borders  
Generated content
2.1: Text equivalents for content generated by style sheets  
2.2: Generated content in the DOM  
2.3: Providing contextual clues in lists  
Miscellaneous assortment of techniques
3.1: Creating layout, positioning, layering, and alignment  
3.2: Null alt-text    
3.3: Providing good structural markup for graceful degradation    
3.4: Scripting and style sheets    
3.5: Using ACSS to create auditory presentation  
3.6: Access to alternative representations of content    
3.7: Media types