July 30, 2000


Dear sir,


Our apologies if the contents of this message are irrelevant. This will be the only message you will receive from us. We plan to give a link to your site hence this communication.


Indian Agribusiness Systems Pvt. Ltd. (IASL) has been started by a group of young technocrats and trade professionals who have had a long association with the Indian Agribusiness Sector. They have come together to create a professional team and an organization to deliver value to the participants at all the levels in the agribusiness sector through usage of technology to deliver precise information and  analysis which would help them trade effectively.



In order to achieve its objective, IASL has set up www.agriwatch.com, India’s largest daily updated agribusiness portal on the Internet. Agriwatch is an extensive site that encompasses all sectors of Indian agriculture and is presently available to users in English and software development work is on for uploading the site in ten other Indian languages. The on-line price registration module is fully operational on the Agriwatch website and rates for agricultural commodities are getting update onto the site in real time from 22 locations.


The specific objectives of the Company are stated as follows:



Enable various participants in the Agribusiness sector such as the farmers, Traders, Processors of Agricultural Outputs, Suppliers of Agricultural Inputs etc. by providing latest and accurate information.



Provide valuable analyses to the trade participants that will enhance their decision taking abilities in trade.



To enable E-commerce in Agricultural products through our vertical portal www.agriwatch.com.

IASL has the following products and services:


1. Market Research Reports


These are currently being generated for Rice, Wheat, Maize, Oil complex , Pulses, Agrochemicals, Seeds and Fertilisers. The periodicity of these reports is Daily, Weekly and Monthly. There are  bi-monthly reports that  review the various industries under these commodity groups.


2. Internet Portal for E-Commerce in Agricultural Commodities

IASL would operate an auction site to bring buyers and sellers together to facilitate trading in Commodities. The process of vetting buyers for registration would involve a detailed in house accreditation process. The bidding and offering process would be anonymous up to the penultimate stage. IASL traders would physically facilitate the actual contracting by contacting the buyers and sellers whose bids and offers are closest. IASL would not bear any clearing liabilities for the transactions affected through the site. The intention is to provide a mechanism for traders in the client organization’s to reach out to the maximum number of counter parties and also have the transaction being concluded with the help of experienced traders. Anonymity would also ensure clients to sell or buy in large quantities without immediately impacting prices.

This facility is envisaged to go online by end of August 2000.


3. Business Consulting

    •Assisting clients with a comprehensive understanding of the likely future in trade for any Agricultural Commodity      and/or market. 

   •Provide clients with export fundamentals, company and product analysis, market research, budgeting, tactics, distribution      and logistic support.

    • Guidance on broker selection, shipping, handling, insurance and regulatory factors in order to facilitate market entry.

    •Providing clients strategies for entering and expanding markets for food and agricultural products.

    •Helping clients manage price, financial and performance risks in dealing in agricultural commodities into and out of India.

    •Web enable clients by design, hosting and promotion of web pages/web sites through our strategic alliance with a major       web technology player.



We are looking out for partnering with Websites,  associations, organisations and individuals who have  some interests related to Indian Agribusiness sector. This could be in the form of any or a combination of the following:


Partner Websites:


1. Reciprocal links. 2. Reciprocal exchange of Information. 3. Revenue sharing on any common business  opportunity.




1. IASL  represents your interests in India. This would be done free of cost if the efforts required are only in information gathering.




1. Advertise your products/requirements on our website  in case you wish to sell/source from India.  2. Reciprocal Links.


3. Representation of your interests in India.




You could  provide content in the agribusiness field from your  geographical regions which would be of interest to trade participants in India. While we may not be able to remunerate you adequately initially we hope that the partnerships lead to good spinoff benefits in terms of reaching a   world wide audience with Indiacentric interests.



We could move forward on this once we hear from you.



Thanking you,



Yours faithfully,





Sunil Khairnar









Key Managers at www.agriwatch.com


Sunil Khairnar, CEO, B Tech, MBA(IIMA). 7 Years of experience with Godrej and Cargill.



Dr Pramod Varma, Ph D(Economics) Worked at senior most levels in organisations like STC, J K International etc in International Trading of Agri Commodtities.



Sumit Saran, CIO, M Phil, and especially trained in managing horticulture information in the United States having 5 years of experience in setting up and managing the Agribusiness Information Center at FICCI.



Kamal Kumar Gaur, M.Sc (Statistics) from IIT, Kanpur having expertise in quantitative and qualitative research along with multi-variate statistical analysis. He has over 10 years of experience working with national and international organisations.



Dr. Gyanprabha Bhonsale, Consultant, Ph.D , M.V. Sc, having more than 5 years experience in consulting..


S. Raghuraman, B Com, over 25 years of international trading experience with various companies like Continental Grain etc.


Vikas Kardile, B Tech, MBA(IIMA), 7 years of experience in irrigation and agri inputs.


R Lakshminarayan, M Sc(Ag), MBA(IIMA), 7 years of experience in irrigation and agri inputs.


Girish Batra, B Tech, MBA with experience in Marketing of Animal Feeds and Branded Chilled chicken.