Education and Outreach Working Group Teleconference

09 Sep 2016


Brent convened the meeting with a reminder of the Resource Managers tool to be used to track progress on current work on various active resources. Report were provided as follows:

Up next week for RM reporting will be Andrew with Preso and Training Outlines; Shawn and Sharron on Accessibility Intro;Howard on Evaluation Templates; Brent on WCAG Overview. Last week's survey included input about the use of WAT in the current Easy Checks draft and an opportunity to rank the suggested title replacements for the 'short term accessibility fix' document. After brief discussion the following resolutions passed:

James reported on the August sprint for the WAI site redesign task force. Outcomes included baseline analytics; needs definition for IA; submission of style titles; and preliminary consideration of resources to create a smart search. The group will be organized a follows going forward: James is overall Project Manager, Ann Belle is the visual lead, Eric is the technical lead. Finally Brent reminded everyone to review work for this week and update availability for teleconferences.



James, Denis, Shadi, EricE, Caleb, Howard, Sharron, Brent, Chris, Susan, MaryJo, Kazuhito
Shawn, AnnaBelle, Sylvie, Laura, Andrew


RM UPdates

Brent: links to tool in the agenda. Please feel free to use this. Remember that this process is being developed as we do it. We are learning how to be effective since this is the first attempt for EO participants to take such an active maintenance role. When an RM has a question to put on the survey, please rememeber to look at the responses and use that to help you take next steps. The responses may also help you determine if you need to meet with planning group.
... or you may need to work with the commenter and/or bring to the full group.
... also a reminder of the weekly teleconference availability survey.

RM Report - Policies

MaryJo: Here is the link to the project plan, which it is easier for me to talk to . I completed the proposed plan and have sent out email to try to get feedback. When I get that review and comments, I will incorporate any changes and finalize.

<maryjom> Policies_Project_Plan

Brent: I understood your request to be for tech support but then realized you were looking for more detailed feedback and so I will dig a bit deeper and get the planning team to look at it as well. We will get you the feedback you need and appreciate your effort.
... appreciate the plan on the wiki. Any questions about this?

Sharron: Just looking for feedback from the planning group?

MaryJo: Yes, to be sure I have not overlooked anything and the layout and technical feasibility are aligned.

Brent: will get your feedback quickly and get back to you asap.

RM Update - Web Accessibility Tutorials

<Brent> Tutorials

Eric: A few comments have come in mainly for menues tutorial. Am reviewong those and looking for ways to get into this. It is not real clear at this time what are our goals and how to get these published. Trying to find ways to loop in the people who wanted to help.
... a lot of good proposals I think we can use most of the suggestions, probably do not to have as was suggested a full aria implemented menu.
... pointed out some things that have changed in terms of aria guidance. Small changes but important.

Sharron: OK what that dialogue reminded me of was that technical resources as opposed to advocacy support requires more careful and timely monitoring. The updates and current accuracy of the guidance we provide becomes critically important. What resources do we anticipate we will have to keep these resources relevant and current?

Eric: Using the framework of the RMLC we should have the ability to do that perhaps. First step is to complete and publish the existing tutorials. Since we have lagged in publication, we now have both technical and editorial changes that must be made.
... once we get over the hump of publishing what exists and are confident that it is accurate and current, the maintenance should be efficiently done by EO volunteers.

Howard: The application menu is quite useful. I used the menu tutorial in a recent review and have some feedback.

Eric: Please put it in GitHub.

Shadi: About the question of whether application menus are out of scope. Is the true scope well defined in the intro?

Eric: In this case, there was confusion from the person commenting. What we are doing now is to give just a glimpse, a pointer toward aria for application menus. This request was for a tutorial that is an entirely aria menu.

Shadi: I was not suggesting to expand the scope but only to be clear in the intro that this is about basic menu concepts and let people now to look elsewhere for more advanced application and aria menu techniques.

Eric: Yes, we can put that in a wish list and make the intention clearer in the intro.

Brent: Any other questions or comments on this?

RM Report - Mobile Accessibility

<Brent> Mobile Accessibility: https://www.w3.org/WAI/mobile/

Susan: Getting my engine started on this, brief requirements doc in wiki. Shawn has made a quick fix in the meantime that was requested by Judy.
... my first pass will be to address the wall of text. When moving on to the overlap and older users pages there will be more work and I welcome any help that people can give. About ready to send the full proposal to the planning group.

Brent: Adina will be a good resource for this when she is back mid October or so. Everyone who is interested in helping, please contact Susan.
... any additional comments, questions?
... you mentioned there are sub-pages. How many pages are we looking at?

Susan: Three pages is correct

RM Report - Accessible UI components list

<Brent> Accessible UI components list GitHub draft

Eric: Pretty quick. When I look at the plan, there are many inter-related tasks that need an extended period of time. I need to set aside a substantial amount of uninterrupted time to complete it.

Brent: Is that something where you want to pull it off the update cycle?

Eric: No don't remove from the cycle, please keep the pressure on.

Sharron: Lots of interest in this resources from the Accessibility Summit earlier this week. How shall they contact you?

Ericn: Yes, just send me email with their contact information. I can reach out to them.

RM report - Quick Ref

<Brent> How to Meet WCAG 2.0

Eric: Several weeks ago we had questions about the animated scrolling. I added the option to not skip and a slower mode of scrolling. The result is not what we wanted, the slow mode is not really slow. Now I am thinking to have either animation or no animation to simplify.
... any reactions to that are welcome. I will add a question in this week's survey.

<shadi> +1 to simplify!

<yatil> https://w3c.github.io/wai-wcag-quickref/

Eric: It is too complex to have the slow scrolling speed to be consistent and not really worth the work.

<Brent> +1

Shadi: It is not something that people would anticipate using. I have seen where a spinner was there to warn people. It would spin while loading and then jumped where it was going. Not sure if it is good or bad but seems best to decide on an approach and simplfy the options.

Eric: The option was to turn off the scrolling entirely.

<Susan> I've liked the scrolling but..

Shadi: Are there other options to provide that sense of where they are in the document?

<Howard> I like the scrolling for the orientation it provides

James: A scroll bar is good, it's simple. There is a text editor Sublime that gives you a little compressed element that indicates an idea of where you are.

Brent: You mentioned having a survey question around the idea that since the slow version does not work, are there orientation options that could work.

<yatil> Example of Sublime Text 3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/djoxjnncul0wmna/flyout.html.erb.md__wai-tutorials_2016-09-09_15-14-35.png?dl=0

Eric: Yes it will be good to collect thoguhts in a survey

Brent: OK, will add to survey.

Eric: It is in maintenance mode, QR will be updated when the WCAG completes its update of supporting docs.

Brent: Do we have the date when it was updated?

Eric: Yes

Brent: Updates for next week will be Denis with Quick Tips; Andrew with preso and Training; Shawn and Sharron on Acessibility Intro; Howard on Eval Templates; Brent on WCAG Overview

<dboudreau> @brent - Actually, I just learned two days ago that I will be teaching at a client's next Thursday and Friday week, so I will not be able to attend the meeting. I'll need my RM update to be scheduled for the following week instead.

Brent: Reminder that if you have something for the planning group, please add to the agenda and bring to that group on Thursday. I will try to do better about responding, turn around time. If you want to join the planning froup call on Thursday at 8 am planning meeting, you are always welcome.

Denis: I learned this week so I will not be able to attend next week, need to postpone by one week.
... any other comments, questions about RM updates?

Easy Checks update

<Brent> IE WAT Toolbar Survey Question Responses: https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35532/02sep/results#xq1

Caleb: Thanks to everyone who contributed and providing such thoughtful feedback. The consensus was to keep the WAT for now and look for alternatives. Recap was about the plans for maintaining it, which are not strong.

RESOLUTION: Keep IE WAT toolbar for now and publish. Will look for alternative resources. In future iteration will replace as we identify good alternative.

<shadi> +1

<dboudreau> +1

<yatil> +1

<Sharron> +1

<Caleb> +1

<James> +1

<Susan> +1

<Howard> +1

<Brent> Link to EasyChecks: https://www.w3.org/WAI/eval/preliminary.html

Sharron: Do we need to note that it is about to be deprecated?

Susan: My concern is not huge, but I don't think it is obvious enough in the expand section. The disclaimer may need to be more clear.

Shadi: There are steps to follow on each technique so it is clear there are alternatives.

<Susan> Don't say we're phasing it now, methinks

<James> +1

Caleb: reads from How to Use...including link to other tools

Shadi: Maybe consider adding "tools and bookmarklets"

<James> I think bookmarklets are tools

Caleb: Yes it is concise and anticipates where we will be moving.

<Chris_Langston> bookmarklets is a little jargony. But it's fine either way.

<shadi> [doesn't feel strongly - think current disclaimer is good enough]

Brent: Is there any opposition to adding "bookmarklets" to bottom sections?

<Susan> I would keep it tools for now

James: leave it as tools

<yatil> I don't think it matters much, so would say tools. And tools is also jargony ;-)

Denis: I am just thinking that the information is meant for people in this industry, no reason to leave it out. There is a word for this, may as well use it.

Shadi: I understand people's concerns about jargony

Sharron: and appreciate Caleb's comment about that is what is coming

<dboudreau> +1 to leaving it to the discretion of the RM (more power to the RM, woohoo!)

<James> +1

Brent: I would proabably not know what is meant by bookmarklets and would look for it and learn it. So I would be set up to use it and learn a new tool to use for accessiiblity.

Shadi: And it doesn't throw you off

<shadi> +1 to Brent's point too

Brent: No but maybe that's just me, I tend to look things up and try to improve my vocabulary to talk with developers. Like my growing understanding of GitHub.

<Susan> I agree

James: Don't know what is behind the link, but it seems to me that bookmarklets are tools. Why call them out and not the others?

<Chris_Langston> +1 to not really caring all that much ;)

James: but don't really care.

<dboudreau> +1 to siding with the "I don't really care" camp

<yatil> +1

<Howard> +1 leave it to Caleb

Brent: any other questions or comments?

Title of short term web accessibility improvements

<shadi> Survey results on title question

<shadi> "Web Accessibility First Aid: Approaches for Interim Repairs"

Shadi: Good response, fun to see the rankings come in. It was quite close. Tallying just the numbers the most liked is Web Accessibility First Aid: Approaches for Interim Repairs.

<shadi> "Web Accessibility First Aid: Approaches for Temporary Repairs"

Shadi: there were some concerns previously with Temporary as a word that would keep PMs from adopting or relying on this resource. Is Interim Better?

<shadi> "Web Accessibility First Aid: Temporary Repairs for Urgent Situations"

Shadi: I think something in the direction of 'approaches' is more accurate to reflect the resource as a tool for PMs rather than developers.

<shadi> "Web Accessibility First Aid: tackling the urgent problems"

<shadi> "Web Accessibility First Aid: Approaches for Interim Repairs"

<Susan> +1

<Caleb> +1

Shadi: So I would like this to be the opportunity to settle on a title. My proposal is to adopt the most popular one, the one with the highest score and no objections. So I propose to adopt it unless there are objections.

RESOLUTION: Title of resource will be "Web Accessibility First Aid: Approaches for Interim Repairs"

<dboudreau> +1 to adopt this title and move on :)

<yatil> +1

<Howard> +1

<Sharron> +1

<Brent> +1

<James> +1

Brent: Any objections?

Shadi: I will work in this title, address the comments on content and aligning with additional documents in the suite and be ready for publication right after TPAC.

Update of Redesign TF

James: Completed the first sprint, concluded on Wednesday. Using GitHUb you can sort to see current status. Tasks included analytics, style tile submission, info architecture (which has gone into backlog). Went pretty well, will take on more work in the September sprint.
... will continue the IA, style tile analysis to define visual direction, Smart Search.
... upcoming are standup meetings, where we learn what the volunteers have done, if they are blocked, if they need help. During the middle of the month will get more into TF work like visual design finalizations or other considerations in process. Last meeting of the month is the sprint demo to show the competion of tasks.
... will bring appropriate items to EO for consideration as needed.

Brent: We polled the group to ask who wanted to lend expertise. As the areas of interest to each of you come into the sprint you will be pulled in.
... if you want to part of the TF, step up anytime.

Sharron: wanted to clarify that there is no expectation for EO to discuss or make decisions in the EO meetings but only to approve or not - if anything is unacceptable to EO it will be worked out in the TF.

James: Encourage everyone to think hard about whether you care about the details. If so, please join the TF because we do not want to burden EO for anything other than stamp of approval or "hives review." It is key to the timeline. To be able to meet the accelerated timeline, we must be able to make decisions quickly and with confidence. Want to avoid second guessing in EO

Sharron:Originally Anna Belle and James were co-leads but Anna Belle asked that she be reassigned since she is unfamiliar withAgile process. Now have defined roles a little more specifically. James is the overall Project Manager, Anna Belle is the Visual Design Lead, Eric is the Technical Lead.

Work for this week

Brent: Update availability for weekly meetings, survey questions will be posted later today, strong focus on resource management and will soon enter a phase of document review for many of the updated resources.

Denis: When we get to a point where we have our published content and we have a version on GitHub, what is the process for working on the draft? As RM do we make the changes ourselves and push it to the server?

Brent: If you want updates to a resource, send in your project plan for changes, planning group will approve it. Eric will create a GitHub repository.

Eric: Once that GitHub version is posted, they are open for change, essentially they are editor's draft and you will be able to edit directly or make branches that can be offered as a pull request. During that process it allows opportunities for review and comment from the larger group. When you have a stable version you bring to planning group, they comment and approve to bring to EO. Once approved by EO it is published to WAI site by staff.

Denis: How granular are our resources now? If I were to work on regular resource such as Harmonizing Policies. If I wanted to make a few editorial changes, can I break it into smaller pieces?

Eric: Great question! Process is to create multiple branches for specific sections and can get individual comments for specific changes.

Brent: Thanks Eric, anything else? Thanks everyone for the updates and work on resources. See you next week!

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

  1. Keep IE WAT toolbar for now and publish. Will look for alternatives resource. In future iteration will replace as we identify good alternative.
  2. Title of resource will be "Web Accessibility First Aid: Approaches for Interim Repairs"
[End of minutes]

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