Hi Sharron et. al.:

I really like that. The one thing I would add is some way of representing the change over time, i.e., return increases as investment decreases.

How about if we repeat the image over 2 or 3 slides, with the 1st showing a lot of "root fertilization" with little tree growth, the 2nd showing less fertilization and more branches and trees, and the 3rd (well you get the point)?

If there is a limit on the # of slides, the 3 images could be made smaller and placed all on one slide.

Any thoughts? Thanks,


On 08/04/2011 5:18 PM, Sharron Rush wrote:

Here it is as plain ppt (no x) Maybe that will take care of the corruption .

Thanks Char!

At 04:12 PM 4/8/2011, Char James-Tanny wrote:
Oh, I like that :-) Easy to understand, and right now, I can’t think of anything that’s missing. (OTOH, my brain isn’t quite all here today, so I’ll look at it again this weekend and compare it to some old presentations I’ve done.)
BTW, I got a “this file is corrupted” message when I tried to open it. The Repair function (Microsoft Office 2010) solved the problem, whatever it was.
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I did this in just a few minutes, but the idea is what I am trying to convey rather than the graphic design itself.  I am sure someone can improve it.

In this case, there are no numbers or graphs that people will expect to relate to an actual case study.  it is clear that the ideas are conceptual.

Whether they are as persuasive, well that's the question now, I guess.


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