Analysis of WAI Homepage:

Style Sheets:
I used my style sheets that deconstruct the author's intended presentation and replace my own preference. I applied several. My most deconstructive sheet rendered the page in completely linearized format. Wow! That is the only multi-column page I've ever encountered that was so XHTML strict that it linearized completely using a style sheet. This style sheet permits extreme enlargement. Nothing overflowed. My dilations of text not only included print size, but line, word and letter spacing as well. So it really stressed the limits. I have other style sheets that support multi column presentation quite well. The print is smaller, but I still dilate letter, word and line spacing. Again there was no problem. The WAI site behaves well under deconstructive style sheet transformations.
The new IBM visual adaptation program rendered the page well in many sizes and formats. I ran this program through its paces and the WAI sight behaved well. In linearized mode the jump to content was helpful. More access keys would be nice.