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Email Sep 26, 2002
High-Tech And High Touch: CRM In Banking
A Chinese Perspective
In order to compete effectively in today's marketplace, Business banks must be customer-focused, not product-focused, and make them as an eBanking through Computerization and Electronization. Customer Relationship Management ...... full story
Why Microsoft Will Change The CRM Industry (1)
A Netherlandish Perspective
Microsoft's entry in the CRM industry before the end of the year will forever change the CRM industry as we know it today. I have come to this conclusion after interviewing Microsoft executives, business partners, and competitors, and ...... full story
Using Your Own Customer Interactions To Improve Your Marketing
An American Perspective
There is so much going on in the CRM world these days that it is easy for some of the simpler ideas for improving your bottom line to go untouched. Worries about profitability and growth, integrating multiple solutions and...... full story
CRM Trends
`Selecting Out' Stupidity
In the 1800s, Charles Darwin happened upon one of science's most important theories: natural selection. Individuals born with certain characteristics - for example, strong legs, keen eyesight, good camouflage - will enjoy an advantage...... full story
A Case Study On A Travel Agent
Best Travelling Agent (BTA) is a small-to-medium size company. We set up our first branch in Hong Kong 10 years ago and now we have 4 branches in total. All of them are locating in city centre, we have 100 employees altogether and with ...... full story
Onyx Software Enters China Market
Partnership With North 22 Solutions Marks Company’s Foray
Under the terms of the agreement, North 22 will work closely with Onyx to localize Onyx Enterprise CRM in accordance with cultural and language nuances in the Chinese market, while retaining all the benefits of Onyx’s globally proven ...... full story
Technology Behind Real-Time Marketing (2)
Modeling And Recommendations
The use of predictive modeling to drive optimization and personalization efforts within marketing has led to dramatic improvements in marketing efficiency. The use of these modeling efforts in conjunction with rules-oriented ...... full story
Software Enterprise In China: Must We Become The Aircraft Carrier?
War Of Development Pattern Among Software Enterprises
“To overtake India in XX years?and “Coping with the challenge of WTO?are possibly becoming the current hottest topics in the Chinese software sector. Sources report that the department in charge of the software...... full story
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