Alternative Therapists and Treatment Centers
Referral Directory

H.H.P. has published a Referral Directory to assist our users to find alternative therapists in their local communities.

You are invited to join our Referral Directory without charge to you.

Do not miss this opportunity to gain referrals of health minded potential clients.

You can join our Referral Directory by completing a simple Registration Form.

View our Referral Directory now.

Jeannine Marzella C.C.O.
Chief Communications Officer

Treatment Centers

Our Referral Directory also lists treatment centers.

Treatment centers may design a 'Storefront' to promote their organizations, practices, services and products.

This exposure is particularly valuable for centers that offer multiple specialties or unique treatment procedures.

Our storefront offers our best forum to attract new clients.

For more information contact
Howard Peterman
Director, Sales and Marketing

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