Jim Whitehead wrote: 

I went back and re-read this proposal.  After reading it, I'm still in need
of clarification.

To start with, the initial justification for this feature is stated as, "it
would be a good thing for DAV to expose {document} structure."  Perhaps it
would be easier to understand this proposal if we knew which requirements
were addressed by it.  By reading this post, and follow-on posts carefully,
it appears that this proposal is intended to address:
  - partial resource updates (partial writes)
  - partial resource locks
  - listing a container

Is this the complete list of requirements (or functionality) addressed by
this proposal?

It is not clear to me that this structure proposal completely addresses
these requirements, nor is it clear that this is the best possible means of
addressing the requirements (what are the tradeoffs we are making by
adopting this approach?).  It is also very unclear how this proposal
actually works (there are a lot of devils in the details).
I agree with Jim's sentiments on this one.

I've been hesitant to jump into the fray, because I don't have the bandwidth to
keep up with all the details of the discussion on this DL.

However,  on this particular item (extending webdav to model document
structure),  I'd like to chip in my 2 cents.

It really feels like the group is taking  on *alot* of work with this proposal.

The idea of reasonably describing a document's structure through a list
of URIs seems the the tip of a very big iceberg.

Lots and lots of person-years of design efforts have gone into modeling
document structure in various technical spaces - SGML, proprietary
document authoring and publishing products, OLE docfiles, etc., etc.

I don't see how the proposed STRUCTURE method can be useful in the general
sense without defining some mechanism that
fairly completely describes document structures. And that kind of work seems far outside
the scope of this group.

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