Hello Sirs & Ladies,

Now I am learning the new HTML 5 here in Mexico, very nice but I have a comment:

The video format Must be Free Format (like Ogg Theora) and not propietary formats.  The Amazon-Kindle demand shows the dangers of propietary and DRM (Digital Restrictions Managment) for the culture and the general population; the corporations are somewhat psychopathic (if not totally).

W3C must reject any pressure of industry and let the HTML be free, as the Tradition of HTML.
Additional problems are going to be cuased for the Free Software and people like me that are using (including in my job) free software until it is possible; (I see the *.flv in VLC media player and I have not installed Real Player, Adobe Flash player and other not free software are avoided; I do not accept DRM)

Thanks in advance and best regards.

Rosa María Valdespino
-For the Freedom of the Internet and people

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