From: Mrs Jewel Taylor
The wife of former President Liberia
Dear Mr. Prenk,
I am Jewel Taylor the wife of Charles Taylor the former President of Liberia
who is now asylum in Nigeria. If you have been following the trend of event
about Liberia on CNN news, you will be informed regarding the on going rebel
attack war which world leaders such as United Kingdom and African Leaders
requested my husband to step aside so that there will be peace in Liberia.
Dear Friend, I need your assistance in receiving some money for safe-keeping as
my family and I are no longer in control of Liberia. I deposited this fund into
a finance firm when my husband is the president of Liberia. As it is now there
is a great pressure by the enemies of my husband to rope him into war tone
events in Serra alone through United Nation Criminal court sitting in that
All that is needed is for me to instruct the firm, since the money is deposited
on my name to release it to you as soon as you respond to this request. I will
instruct my present attorney in Nigeria to direct you how to release the money
amount to $5Million. I am going to compensate you with 10% $9 Million.
Be informed that my husband is not aware of my plans because anything can
happen to him. Even now that the United Kingdom is demanding that Nigeria
government must hand him over to United Nation war criminal court for trial for
his perceived part in Marssacce in Serraalone. So you have to be confidential.
For security reason our communication should be strictly by mail for now.
Contact me through this e-mail address:
Best regards,
Mrs. Jewel Taylor
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