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first <owl:Things> first: please vote for Refinder in this challenge posted by Elsevier:

We are building Refinder to support researchers organizing their state-of-the-art collections - combine papers with events, websites, notes, ... into one semantical network of information.


What would researchers like to do with a collaboration tool that allows the storage of arbitrary RDF data, supports automatic tag recommendations based on language parsing, and a fulltext index?

What not?

Curently you can
collect everything in one place,
collaborate and share ideas or comments with co-workers,
organize scientific papers by topic or person or ... (generic links)
find all relevant information when needed. A recommender engine will lookup for related things similar to the current one.

Underneath we are using the NEPOMUK ontologies from http://OSCAF.sourceforge.net and some NLP magic.


p.s voting daily at http://appsforscience.com/submissions/4052-refinder until 12.9. gives much more Karma!
p.p.s. you can also like us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Refinder

Leo Sauermann, Dr.
CEO and Founder

mail: leo.sauermann@gnowsis.com
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