Hi All,

I investigated some well-known SW desktop products recently, including IRIS and Nepomuk.  But I did not see there were any ontology reasoning in the IRIS system, as well as the Nepomuk.

In particular, in the IRIS system, I created a new category named "Semantic Web" and added another new categogy named "Ontology" below "Semantic Web". The problem is that when I clicked on the "Semantic Web" category it did not present any data item in the "Ontology" category, which I supposed it should had been so.  I did not see there is any other forms of ontology reasoning in the system. The whole system is just like a web of data one, integrating data items from different applications using RDF. The only role of the ontology is to mandate the same set of terminology. Is my understanding right? Or anything I missed?  I'd appreciate it very much if you could point out.

Thank you!