Dear all,

I am involved with a cultural heritage project that maintains the archives (actually, "life and times") of the most famous brazilian painter, Candido Portinari (  The project has extensive multimedia data in traditional relational dbs, besides the complete documentation (including systematic natural language description) of the artworks themselves. It includes things like photographs, recordings, newpaper clippings, books, interview recordings, video, etc...

I have now convinced them that they should make their data available on the semantic web, via Open Linked Data. The first step, of course, is selecting the suitable ontologies to map their db schema onto them, extending if/when needed. So the question is, can you give me pointers to any ontologies (in RDF(S)/OWL) used in the e-culture or similar projects? Unfortunately, at this stage the project cannot afford to pay for proprietary ontologies (such as the Getty Museum's), so they must be free...

Thanks for any info you can provide!

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